It’s Not Only a Night Fair

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I saw a night fair as a representation of life. People who come are those who were born and greeted by excitement of life. Meanwhile, those who left were those who went home, away from the crowd. As much was done by old people, simply withdrew from life, waiting for Izrail came to pick up.

As a Purworejo born, I always loved night fair since my childhood. I always loved to see the ferris wheel, carousel, mini train, tong setan, and food & beverage vendors—especially cotton candy and ice cream. But, the most thing I have loved so much is the ambience. The ambience of a night fair is so magical for me. I can stand in the middle of people who walking around and still. Then, I feel like in the middle of ocean waves. Breezy, calm, and weird but beautiful feeling. I can spent many hours just to saw people come and go. Just to saw the ferris wheel to spin or just to look around and saw people gambling for cigarettes or snacks.

Since 2017, I always go back home to visit night fair. Usually, two times a year. In this project, I portray images from same place and accidentally from same night fair vendor. There is no differences anyway. Same people, same place, and same ambience.

Surprisingly, thus the modernization have come so fast, the night fair still crowded with people. It still become the most cheap entertainment in my city.

I still can see children running around, persuading their father to buy them toys or snacks. I still can see teens around here. Not being busy with their smartphone. I can see couples who choose to date there, for them romanticism is still on the night fair air.

With massive modernization, globalization, and urbanization, I still hope that night fair can survive from that. With the increasing number of entertainment options available in this city, I hope the night fair can still survive. And I will come there until the ferris wheel doesn’t spin anymore.


© Bayu Wira Handyan, 2019